Keep Summer Alive with (Delicious) Seasonal Drinks

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Although the weather is changing, students are back in school, and you maybe didn’t get to do anything on your summer bucket list—do not fret. We have two delicious seasonal handcrafted drink features that will keep summer alive even with all signs pointing to a new season! Both drinks, the Strawberry Flip and Peach Feather, start with Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon—so you know they’re going to be delicious! This bourdon has flavors of both toffee and vanilla and is even individually bottled—we promise you, it is delicious (and especially in both of our seasonal drink features)! Below we are highlighting both drinks—make sure to stop in today before they are gone!


The Strawberry Flip

Not so surprisingly, this drink starts off with Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon—but then we also add flavorful Monin Strawberry Syrup—but we don’t stop there because we need to add more to make it a Strawberry Flip! On top of the first two ingredients, we then add lemon juice, a dash of bitters and then it’s even topped with acai powder! Seriously, we promise that you do not want to miss out on this drink before it’s gone!

The Peach Feather

Like the Strawberry Flip, this drink starts off with Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon and Monin—but this time it is tasty peach purée instead of strawberry syrup. Then we squeeze lemon juice, add bitters, and then some delicious ginger beer! The Peach Feather is not only delicious, but it is refreshing and comes in a really cool cup that adds to the experience!

So even though we have flipped the calendars to September, we are still living it up like it is summer with our delicious seasonal drink features! Make sure to stop by soon to your local Silver Fox Steakhouse to try both the Strawberry Flip and the Peach Feather—we promise you they will not disappoint!


Save Space for Dessert!

Seriously, we highly recommend that you save space for dessert next time you come and visit us! We know this can be hard when you have delicious and different options to choose from for appetizers, side dishes, and main dishes—but missing out on dessert is definitely not recommended. Below we are going to highlight two of our favorite options that we have for dessert—we would not judge you if you decided to get both of them, that really is how good they are! As we have said earlier, we are much more than a steakhouse—and we will highlight this further with some delightful dessert options.

Texas Pecan Cake

You know that pecan pie you might have once a year at Thanksgiving dinner that you enjoy? Well, forget about that pie and think about our delectable Texas Pecan Cake! We start with a white cake that is filled with both shredded coconut and crushed pecans, and we do not stop there. Next we layer this treat with whipped cream frosting—and then add pecans throughout the frosting. That is right, pecans on both the inside and the outside! You really cannot go wrong with this option for dessert, promise!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake

Okay, we don’t really think we need to explain what this is since the description is probably enough to entice you to get this, but we’ll still tell you so that you can definitely save room for this dessert. It starts off with a tasty and crunchy cookie crust that is then topped with peanut butter cheesecake and chocolate ganache. We all know how well peanut butter and chocolate go together, but they taste even better in the form of cheesecake!

As we said earlier, we love our appetizers, side dishes, and main dishes—but we needed to spread the love and talk about two of our favorite desserts! Next time you visit us, make sure to save room for dessert—we promise it is worth it!

Catering at Silver Fox! [Spotlight on Fort Worth Location]


Do you have a special event coming up? Want to have a special place to go with your friends and family? Better yet—want to have a nice place to go where you don’t have to clean up after the event? Well look no further! If you are located in the Fort Worth area— our Silver Fox in Fort Worth is the best place to be! We have two different rooms, depending on the size of your party, and a special and delicious menu for your group to enjoy! Please contact us today to book a room!

Our Available Rooms

Trinity Room

This is our larger of the two rooms available at our Fort Worth location, where it can comfortably sit up to 36 people. Along with being able to fit a lot of people comfortably, there is full privacy and even a beautiful 60-inch flat screen television (i.e. for boardroom meetings and presentations). Depending on the event that you are having, this room can be set up in different ways to best suit your needs!


Uncle Tony’s Room

This room is perfect for a smaller get together, and sits up to 12 people comfortably. Even though it is a smaller space when compared to our Trinity Room, we did not cheat out on comfort and design. It is a cozy space bounded by beautiful French Doors. Similar to our larger room, this room has a 50-inch flat screen to be used for whatever you could possibly need! We see it as a perfect option for family gatherings (like a birthday party) and work presentations. Though smaller than our other room, this space is perfect for a group up to 12!

**For booking either of our rooms for a get together, please fill out our form! Our staff will happily answer any questions and get you back within 48 hours about your event!

Catering Menu

For our two available rooms, we also offer a delicious catering menu. This menu includes some of our favorite options available at our restaurant. The best part is, the pricing includes a choice from three different and tasty desserts! Along with this, no matter which entrée is chosen, they all include: (off-the-cob) cream corn, sugar snap peas, potatoes, tea and coffee. No matter what option you choose for your entrée, we promise it will be delicious! Check out our catering menu here!


We can’t wait for you to join us! We are happy to do whatever we possibly can to make your special event the best! 

Join Us for Wine-Up Wednesday!

We invite you to join us to our Wine-Up Wednesday of August at all four of Silver Fox Steakhouse’s locations! Although we have these events once a month, this one is special because it includes five different and delicious wines from South America! Along with trying the different wines, there will be some flavorsome and savory hors d’oeuvres while getting some interesting facts about the South American regions in which these wine features come from.

Mark your Calendar!

Once trying all five different wines that we have to offer from South America, you will vote on which one is your favorite! The one that receives the most votes at the end will be featured for the rest of the month. Since this wine is only featured for the month of August, make sure to stop back in after our Wine-Up Wednesday before we find a new feature for September!

This event costs $20 per person, and lasts from 5 to 7 PM on August 2. Is there any better way to help you make it through the week than coming to Silver Fox and trying some delicious wines from South America? We don’t think so! Please make sure to RSVP by calling us at (214) 618-5220 (Frisco Location), (817) 329-6995 (Grapevine Location), (817) 332-9060 (Fort Worth Location), and (972) 423-8121 (Richardson Location). Also, be sure to check out this event on Facebook (below will be the links to Facebook since it depends on location)— invite your friends and family, we know you will not want to miss it!

We want to allow everyone (over 21, of course) to come to our Wine-Up Wednesday, but reservations are required! Along with this, Wine-Up Wednesday will be happening at all four of our location! And even though we do host wine events monthly, we are always changing our region—and South America is not one to miss, we promise you that!

Make sure to call to make your reservation today!

 Facebook Event Links:

Fort Worth




More Than a Steakhouse

Have you ever gone to a steak house, but not felt like steak? Or maybe steak isn’t really your go-to option for dinner? Guess what? That is okay. We are more than a steakhouse, and we want all of our customers to be excited about our menu, and we want them to come back for more! So, here we are going to talk about some of the amazing options that we have, and love to eat, that aren’t steak because we know that steak is not always everyone’s top choice.

Local Favorites that aren’t Steak!

So maybe steak isn’t your favorite, but seafood excites you? Luckily for you, we also love seafood and want to serve only the best. We have Chilean Sea Bass, Atlantic Salmon, Sautéed Jumbo Scallops, and Cold Water Rock Lobster Tail. If you love seafood, there is definitely an option for you! We love all of our seafood selections, and we really couldn’t pick one as  a favorite. You’ll just have to visit us, try them all, and let us know which one is your pick!

Okay, so maybe steak and seafood aren’t what you like to eat—do not fret. We have a delicious Prime Rib options! We have different sizes, 10 ounces and 16 ounces, and even a Chicken Fried Prime Rib that is to die for. Again, we love our prime rib options, and it depends on what we are in the mood for—sometimes we are hungry for the classic prime rib, but other times we are more interested in the chicken fried option! Either way, the prime rib is a great option here at Silver Fox!

If steak, seafood, and prime rib don’t tickle you fancy—we still have even more options that you will love! We have a delicious Prime Pork Chop (seriously, it has a peach serrano glaze), a Roasted Game Hen, an Australian Rack of Lamb, a Blackened Salmon Caesar Salad (sorry, this one does have fish in it… but we promise it’s delicious!), and of course we have a delicious Prime Burger! We love all of our non-steak options because we know that not everyone loves steak, steak doesn’t sound good to them that night, or because they just want to try something new.

Sometimes we feel as though people can feel a little silly not ordering a steak at a restaurant that is considered a steakhouse—you do not have to feel this way at Silver Fox! We love, and have, all of these options because we want all of our customers to find something that makes them (and their tummy) happy! Keep this in mind next time you visit us at Silver Fox—we promise that you will be happy with any choice you make!