If you’re anything like us, you get super excited when the weather starts to get colder! That means wearing those outfits that have been in the back of your closet, and eating the foods you neglected over the summer—like did you forget about soup?! Soup (and more!!) is a delicious way to start off any meal, and it is especially good when you’re at any Silver Fox location! Now that the weather is getting a bit chillier, we want to remind you of some cold-weather favorites to have prior to your main meal to keep in mind when you visit us next!

Soup… And More!

Though the weather rarely drops below freezing in Texas, that doesn’t mean we can’t love some dishes that are perfect when the weather gets cold! Plus, there have been days already that are too cold for us, and it’s only November! So, we have to remind you of some of the best starter and side options for when the weather gets colder that might have taken a backseat during the summer months! Of course, we’re going to have to mention soup, but there is one other option you cannot forget about that is delicious, too!  

French Onion Soup

You seriously can never go wrong with a bowl of French Onion to warm you up, and it’s even better when you have a steak coming your way for dinner! We love our French Onion because it has the delicious melted cheese on top you want and love, and then the right amount of onions inside—not too many, and not too little!

Lobster Bisque

Rich and creamy, you will fall in love with our Lobster Bisque! It’s also the perfect consistency to where it doesn’t feel too heavy to eat prior to your meal. We nearly start to drool when we smell our Lobster Bisque, and we think you will too! You will be warmed up as soon as this is placed on your table—it’s the best!

Macaroni and Cheese

Nothing is better than creamy macaroni and cheese on a cold night, no matter how old you are! Don’t get us wrong, we love our mom’s recipe… but Silver Fox’s take on classic macaroni and cheese is an absolute home run. Although it is listed as a side dish, we love to start with this dish too—keep us warm while warming us up for our main meal!

Make sure to start off your meal with one of our cold-weather favorites! You will be happily full and warm when you do!