Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays since it’s spent with friends, family, and delicious food! But the hardest part about Thanksgiving is making the perfect turkey, sides, and desserts—which is where Silver Fox comes in! Not only do we have you covered on the food front, but when you join us, it means that there is no prepping your meal or your house to invite guests in! Silver Fox is here to deliver a delicious meal that you, your friends, and your family will wonder why you ever did Thanksgiving any other way than the Silver Fox way!

Best Turkey Day Yet!

Silver Fox is here to offer a delicious four-course meal for you and your posse! From 12 to 8 PM, join us for a Thanksgiving feast without all of the fuss! This year you will be thankful that you decided to go to Silver Fox for the ultimate Thanksgiving meal!

Our Thanksgiving Menu!


A great way to warm yourself up on Thanksgiving Day is with our creamy and dreamy butternut squash soup! A classic vegetable to enjoy on your Thanksgiving Day—you will not be disappointed in your first course!


We offer two different salads—Ill Forks and Wedge Salad. Two options, you cannot go wrong with either! Ill Forks is our award-winning salad the features crisp green apples, bleu cheese straight from Wisconsin, and roasted pecans! All topped with our delicious house made vinaigrette!

On the other hand, our Wedge Salad has crisp iceberg lettuce with bleu cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, green onion, and beefsteak tomatoes! Round two will make your mouth water, and get you ready for your entrée!


If turkey isn’t your favorite option to eat on Thanksgiving— we have other options other than just turkey! Of course, we have a delicious turkey, too! Our entrées include: slow roasted turkey, Atlantic salmon, and Châteaubriand!

Our turkey comes with: gravy like Grandma served, cornbread dressing, whipped potatoes, candied yams, and sugar snap peas! The classic turkey dinner done right!

Our salmon option is topped with a delicious Pommery mustard cream sauce and toasted pecans. On the side, it comes with new potatoes and sugar snap peas.

Lastly, our Châteaubriand comes with a bordelaise sauce, with off-the-cob creamed corn, sugar snap peas, and whipped potatoes!

No matter what option you choose, you will be happy!


Try your hardest not to fill up on the first three courses, because dessert is one of the most important pieces of Thanksgiving! We have three classic options: Pumpkin Pie, Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie, and Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce! We suggest at least one person in your group gets something different so that you can all try a piece of the pie(s)!

We cannot wait to be a part of your Thanksgiving celebration—join us November 23, 2017 from 12 to 8! Make your reservations today!



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