The holiday season is here! That means: temperatures are dropping, the year is almost over (don’t forget to join us for the New Year’s Eve celebration!), and you might still be looking for the perfect present for those on your nice list! Thankfully, Silver Fox has the most perfect gift ever—our gift card!

Gifting Made Easy

Our gift cards come in two different forms for easy gifting—you do not even have to go into your local Silver Fox to get them! Online, you can conveniently purchase a physical gift card to be mailed, or an e-Gift card to be sent via email, and then printed at home.

For our physical gift card, you can easily fill out a couple of questions to create the perfect Silver Fox gift card. This includes: how much is on the gift card (this can range from $10 to $1,000), how many you want (you can order up to 30!), and you can also add a nice, personal message. Then, just provide us with the shipping information and once the information is processed, it will be on its way (after processing it will take two business days to reach its destination, so keep this in mind and do not wait too long)! If you ever want to add cheer to someone’s holiday season, we think sending a Silver Fox gift card is the way to do it!

Our e-Gift cards have a similar process. You can choose how much, how many, and add a personal message. Instead of providing an address, though, it will be emailed! You can have it sent directly to who you are gifting this gift card to email, or you can send it to your own email to give to them in-person. If you have it sent to the recipients’ email, you can choose a date for it to be sent to them! This is a great choice if you are a last-minute shopper and you want to give a great gift—it is easy, it shows you care, and you might even be invited to share a meal at Silver Fox—what a win!

Don’t let the holidays stress you out! Grab a Silver Fox gift card for your loved ones—your friends and family will be ecstatic about their gift!