Although the weather is changing, students are back in school, and you maybe didn’t get to do anything on your summer bucket list—do not fret. We have two delicious seasonal handcrafted drink features that will keep summer alive even with all signs pointing to a new season! Both drinks, the Strawberry Flip and Peach Feather, start with Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon—so you know they’re going to be delicious! This bourdon has flavors of both toffee and vanilla and is even individually bottled—we promise you, it is delicious (and especially in both of our seasonal drink features)! Below we are highlighting both drinks—make sure to stop in today before they are gone!

The Strawberry Flip

Not so surprisingly, this drink starts off with Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon—but then we also add flavorful Monin Strawberry Syrup—but we don’t stop there because we need to add more to make it a Strawberry Flip! On top of the first two ingredients, we then add lemon juice, a dash of bitters and then it’s even topped with acai powder! Seriously, we promise that you do not want to miss out on this drink before it’s gone!

The Peach Feather

Like the Strawberry Flip, this drink starts off with Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon and Monin—but this time it is tasty peach purée instead of strawberry syrup. Then we squeeze lemon juice, add bitters, and then some delicious ginger beer! The Peach Feather is not only delicious, but it is refreshing and comes in a really cool cup that adds to the experience!

So even though we have flipped the calendars to September, we are still living it up like it is summer with our delicious seasonal drink features! Make sure to stop by soon to your local Silver Fox Steakhouse to try both the Strawberry Flip and the Peach Feather—we promise you they will not disappoint!