We love a good happy hour as much, if not more, than the regular person—especially if it is at Silver Fox! The only issue is, so many times the happy hour is at bizarre hours. Not everyone wants to eat dinner before 4 PM, and even less will be able to visit during the day on weekdays! We saw that as a huge issue with so many places telling you that they have a happy hour, but then the happy hour’s actual hours make you sad because you’re never able to utilize them!

Which is why here, at Silver Fox, we have our happy hour for more than one hour and it is something that happens nightly. We want you to enjoy our specials no matter what the day is, whether it is a weekend or weekday! So, no matter what they day, you can come in and enjoy our happy hour from 4 to 7 PM! We offer delicious options for even better prices! Below we will talk about a couple of our favorite deals that make our mouths water and our wallets happy!

Happy Hour Highlights

No matter what option (or options!) you choose from us, you know it is going to be delicious! Whether you’re in to celebrate just a regular Wednesday, or something big, the food and prices will help you feel like you’ve won big!

Sometimes all you need is a good, juicy burger—and on our happy hour menu we have two different options: a slider or a burger. Our favorite part of our Kobe Beef Sliders is that you can eat more than just one of them! Sometimes when you get a big burger it can be overwhelming, but with a slider you feel like you get to eat more! And when our sliders are priced under $4, your wallet won’t mind if you have a bunch of them! Or, if you prefer a burger—we have one of those on our happy hour menu, too! Our prime burger is always a tasty option, and at happy hour you cannot go wrong with the price.

Whether you choose one of our burger options, or you choose the ahi tuna, or honestly anything else on our menu you will be beyond satisfied. Though you will be satisfied, you’re also going to need something to wash it down! Thankfully, our happy hour includes drink options as well! We have the Sure Thing Martini and Sommelier’s Cellar Pick. Both of which we love pairing with any of our options on our happy hour menu!

No matter the occasion, happy hour is always a good idea at Silver Fox! What could be better than Silver Fox food at a discounted price?! We don’t think anything! Make sure to stop by any day between 4 and 7 PM to check out our happy hour pricing and menu!

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