What’s a great meal without a great drink to go with it?! We say nothing! Thankfully, here at Silver Fox we are always working to craft new and exciting seasonal cocktails to (further) entice you to join us for a lovely meal. Though, when you are the best steakhouse in Texas, we don’t know if you really need any further enticing! Below, we are going to highlight our three delicious seasonal cocktails, and include a meal pairing that we love, and we want to share with you!

We cannot wait for you to try our seasonal cocktails!

Charred & Chilled (& Grilled)

Our three seasonal drinks will really hit the spot during these cold winter months. Our three drinks include: our Dirty Nolet’s Martini, Brûléed Pear Cocktail, and a Grilled Arnold Palmer! Let us tell you more about our Charred & Chilled, and pair it with some grilled (or other delicious) options that we have to offer at Silver Fox!

Dirty Nolet’s Martini

Not so surprisingly, it starts off with Nolet’s gin. We then add in some 1888 hand-pressed olive juice, and dry vermouth. Then we add the kicker: drunken and then grilled bleu cheese stuffed olives. We think it’s delicious, but you have to come in and try it for yourself (and let us know how much you love it)!

Pairing your Martini: Going along with the bleu cheese vibe we get from the martini, we suggest choosing your favorite steak (whether it’s our mouth-watering bone-in ribeye or a filet mignon) and adding “Silver Fox” on top! This steak addition includes: blue cheese, garlic, and red wine shallot sauce. It’s a match made in heaven!

 Make it Silver Fox style! 
Make it Silver Fox style! 

Brûléed Pear Cocktail

Honestly, if you aren’t enticed by the name itself, you have got to be crazy! We will tell you what’s in it, anyways—don’t you worry! In this drink, we have for you: Bacardi Superior Rum, house-made toasted pear syrup (it’s so, so good), fresh lemon juice, and to top it off, we have a brûléed pear slice. You’re going to feel like a million bucks when you drink this cocktail!

Pairing your Cocktail: If you have a drink that has a pear in it, doesn’t it make sense that your dinner does, too?! We think so! Try pairing your cocktail with our Prime Pork Chop that comes with a peach serrano glaze. The spice from the serrano pepper will allow you to experience pear in a different way than your cocktail. Pairing pears rocks!

Grilled Arnold Palmer

Enjoying an Arnold Palmer is even more fun with this take on the classic! It starts off with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, we then add house-made charred lemon juice, honey, and tea—and then we top it with a charred lemon! You can enjoy a tasty take on this classic, and you don’t even have to golf!

Pairing your Palmer: With such a classic option, we think going classic for your meal is the way to go. Go for the Atlantic Salmon, you will not regret this choice. Two classics that work together to make a meal of a lifetime!

No matter what seasonal drink you try, you’re going to wish this season lasted forever! We cannot wait for you to try these amazing drinks we crafted just for you!