School is officially back in session and that means your kids’ teachers are hard at work. You just had three summer months filled with entertaining (and disciplining) your kids, so you know how much work teachers have in store! What better way to show your appreciation than with Silver Fox?!

At Silver Fox we are happy to offer our Gift Cards. You can add any amount to the cards and we have options for your delivery. You can have a physical card mailed to the recipient or your home and you can hand deliver the card. Or alternatively, you can have an electronic gift card delivered via email (either your personal email or the recipient’s email).

How To Order

Ordering your Silver Fox Gift Card is a very simple process! Start by visiting our website and clicking on the “Gift Cards” tab at the top right of our website. Once you click on that link, you will be taken to our Gift Cards homepage in which you can choose your delivery method. For physical delivery, click the “Start Here” button under “Mail a Gift Card.” For electronic delivery, click the “Start Here” button under “Send an e-Gift Card.”

Once you’ve chosen your delivery method you’ll be taken to the order page. Here you will enter the amount of cards desired, a personal message to be delivered with the Gift Card, the amount you would like loaded onto the card (in whole amounts between $10-$1,000), and the name and shipping information of the recipient (of yourself if you want it delivered to you first). After you fill this information out, click the “Continue” button and you’ll be taken to the payment page. Enter your information, hit “Purchase” and your Gift Card will be on its way!

It is as easy as that! Within just a few minutes, you’ll have a Gift Card on its way to give the teacher in your child’s life to show just how much you appreciate their hard work. What better way to show appreciation than with the best steak in Dallas?!